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Gửi lúc 03:11' 20/05/2013
Vietnamese dealers meeting 2013

This program is a part of Ricoh strategy to develop and partnership care between Ricoh Vietnam and Sieu Thanh JSC with Ricoh dealers all over Vietnam. From 08/05/2013 to 10/05/2013, Ricoh Vietnam representative, Sieu Thanh Board of Directors and Ricoh dealers attended the program "Vietnamese Ricoh dealers - Sieu Thanh 2013" in meeting room of Sieu Thanh JSC and Dic Star four star hotel in Vung Tau.

Picture: Meeting opening speech.

After 30 years entering the Vietnamese market, Ricoh built up a trademark of long-lasting and low usage cost office equipment. Nowadays, Ricoh became the most popular brand in the field and was recognized that has the highest efficiency and best after-sales service. Talk about photocopier – talk about Ricoh

Picture: Sale statistic of Ricoh dealer in common size.

Although sales activities had difficulties due to global crisis effect last year, Ricoh dealers still got development rate from 20% - 30% thanks to customers’ loyalty. Among that, Phu Ha Company continues keeping the leading position in sales several years in a row with 33% sales of all Ricoh system in Vietnam.


Picture: Mr. Le Van Ha (Second seat from the right) – Phu Ha director in the meeting.

In 2012, Phu Ha Company successfully completed target in distributing and performing after-sales service to end users through multiple channels: Direct sales, project sales and intermediaries. In sales summary, Phu Ha received award of five stars Cruiser ticket and other high value award according to achievement in year 2012.

Later, new RICOH product models were introduced including: Ricoh MP 2001, Ricoh MP 2001L, Ricoh MP 2001SP, Ricoh MP 2501L và Ricoh MP 2501SP. These models are a move of RICOH to achieve the target “Stay in the number one position in B&W segmentation”

These new models have speed from 20 pages/ minute belong to popular users segmentation but now they are upgrade with advanced features that previously only used in advanced model: Color scan, network printing, network scanning, touch scan, USB/memory card printing (Various between models). These functions aim to save working time and increase work efficiency. Moreover, these products were redesigned with grey color - suitable with modern office, smaller size – save working space.

Picture: New product models with advance features.

Besides, Ricoh Vietnam also suggests dealers about the plan to provide color photocopier models in the late 2013 to dominate this market in Vietnam.

Finally, Sieu Thanh JSC and dealers united to give business direction for the next period and promised to do the best to provide Vietnamese customers Ricoh products with highest quality as well as best service quality.

In the meeting closing, Ricoh Vietnam representative, Sieu Thanh’s Board of directors and dealers congratulate a successful meeting.

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