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rental service

Introduction to equipment rental service:

Rental service is very popular in developing countries where customers have high demand for equipment and services. Currently in Vietnam, office machines and equipments renting is the best choice of companies, large corporations; especially foreign clients and the private companies 
If you do not want to invest a large sum of money on office equipment but always want to use the latest technology for the office, please contact rental department Phu Ha company.
    1.1 Types of device are available for renting:
 Digital Copiers (Brand New or Used) Copy speeds from 18 to 55 copies / min. Fax  - print – scan options are available upon customers’ requirements.
 Used  analog machine, Copy speeds from  22 copies to 30 copies / min.
    1.2 The advantages of this type of rental service:
 Do not require large investment.
 Always updates to new technology.
 Cut off personnel management cost for office equipment.
 Maintain high quality copies.
 Easy to control copying/printing cost per month/quarter/year.
 Machine is always available to use.

  Please call the sales department for more details. 

Add: 324 Km9 - Nguyen Trai  Road -  Trung Van – Tu Liem - Ha Noi Capital
Tel: (84.4) 35 541 888 ( 8 line )
Fax: (84.4) 35 541 555
Email: phuha324@gmail.com
Website : www. phuharicoh.com.vn


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