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Product knowledge base and advisory


Photocopier is an expensive and daily used equipment in your office. As a result, a good understanding about this equipment will support you to choose the most suitable photocopier that match your daily demand as well as save your budget.


  Identify the capacity

Bu investigating your monthly usage, you can choose the product range that match the machine capacity.

Machine capacity can be equivalent to machine speed, the higher the speed is, the higher the capacity is. Base on that feature, we can classify photocopier into four groups:



Equivalent speed
(Copy/ minute)

Equivelent capacity


16  –>  under 20

20.000 copy


20  –> under 30

20.000 - > 30.000 copy


30  –> under 55

30.000 –> 55.000 copy


Above 55

55.00 copy


The easiest method to determine monthly usage is supervising paper usage. Each paper ream includes 500 sheet (Equal to 500 copy), each carton box includes 5 paper ream or 2.500 paper sheet. Another method is to open Counter in your current photocopier in User Setting tool (Contact our service center for more information).


  Identify photocopier type.

Each type of photocopier only serves some particular purposes, understand genenic of photocopier types will help you in choosing the most effective machine with the most cost-saving price.


Basic photocopier types:


Usage purpose

Black and white photocopier


The most popular photocopier type, suitable for all range of office size, B&W output, A3 maximum.

Reference: B&W photocopier

Black and white photocopier A4 size


For small office with A4 copying/printing maximum demand.

Reference: Ricoh MP 171L



For mass copying output. This photocopier type use Master printing method instead of Drum method. As a result, Cost per copy reduces significantly and copy speed can go up to 130 copy/ minute.

Reference: Priport

A0 photocopier


For A0 copying/ printing purpose.

Reference: Máy photocopy A0

Color photocopier


This photocopier type is applied advanced laser method for color copying/printing. The advantage of this method compare to traditional ink-jet method is significant: High level of sharpness, dry and long-lasting copy, no hardware damage during long-period no usage.

Because of these advantages, this photocopier type is suitable for foreign offices and companies that have strict requirements for images.



   Identify functions needed.

Nowadays, digital photocopier can handle multiple functions and utilities. Utilities are integrated in all models but value-added functions are various in each model. All-in-one models have integrated functions but basic models have only photocopy functions; some basic models cannot be upgraded, others can be upgraded with much higher cost than all-in-one models. As a result, buyers should acknowledge the real demand of their companies in order to choose the most cost-efficiency machine.


List of functions for photocopiers:




Rotate copies inside the machine to produce two-sided paper.

Auto Rotate Document Feeder (ARDF)

Original documents are fed and auto rotated into this part. This function cut down the process of arranging each document on the glass surface.

Print/Scan via

USB port

This function replace traditional printer/scanner with many advantage: High speed, auto rotate (With ARDF), low printing cost and purchasing cost efficiency.

Network printing/ scanning

If the photocopier machine is used by a big number of users, this is the must-have function. This is an advanced function that connects users via modem network interface without a server. Machine that have this function can work like a stand alone PC: Scan to server, scan to email, Print via IP...


Replace traditional fax machine with much lower Cost per copy.


   Service after sales

Unlike other digital products, after sales service is served by manufacturers. Office machines in general and photocopier in particular, after sales service is taken by distributors. As a result, choosing the right distributors will ensure a good after sales service.

Phu Ha Company strategy is to build up a long-lasting relationship with dealers and users. With 11 years experience in serving customers in this field, we are proud of a high-skilled technical and sales staffs.

We will always provide customer with flexible and cost-saving solutions for your office. If you have any further question, please contact our hotline for more information.

Mr. Le Quang Huy - Sales manager: 0123 5166 888.

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