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Gửi lúc 11:03' 14/03/2012
Technical Department of Phu Ha Company performs periodical maintenance services to support customers in extending the time of usage, improving the life of office equipment and saving extra costs. This type of service is seen to show more and more benefits recently.

With a team of enthusiastic Technicians, who are highly qualified and well trained by the leading experts of RICOH Japan, Phu Ha commit to give customers the best service quality, ensure the finest operating condition for your office equipment and minimize the unnecessary damages of equipment which might bring about disruption of work.

This service line includes:
- Free maintenance: Customers who purchase Ricoh copier from Phu Ha Company will be given a period of free product maintenance for 12 months.
- Annual Maintenance contract - Maintenance charges:
 Once customers purchase office equipment from Phu Ha, they will sign a contract with the Company in which they will receive an annual maintenance service.
 They only have to pay a fixed amount of fee regardless the frequency of maintaining the products.

Phu Ha Technicians will be responsible for implementing the following tasks:
- Inspection, maintenance and calibration products and check industrial hygiene on a regular basis (software and  hardware).
- Through check and repair (for free) at any time requested, or damages found.
- Provide temporary equipment and products for customers in time of repairing and maintaining.
 - Investigate and provide customers with detail information and prices of materials and components for replacements.
- Provide customers with necessary products manual and answer any related questions.


Time for customer services and products maintenance:
- Office hours, weekdays (except Sunday) for regular cases.
- For emergency cases: Hotline: 01275619888 / 01236955888.

For more information, please contact Phu Ha Technical Department!

Add: 324 Km9 - Nguyen Trai Street - Trung Van – Tu Liem - Ha Noi
Tel: (84.4) 35 541 888 ( 8 line )
Fax: (84.4) 35 541 555
Email: phuha324@gmail.com
Website : www. phuharicoh.com.vn


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