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Machines package rental  for conferences - workshops
Customer who are in need of office equipment for organizing conferences and seminars such as: Speakers, Projectors, Screens, Copier, Printer,  Fax Machine, Communications devices, Computers and network systems… could find their solutions at Phu Ha’s leasing department. Phu Ha guarantees to provide you with the equipment required in time and with the best quality.

Office equipment for lease.
For customers who are dealing with urgent projects and are in need of a large number of office devices, which could not be provided by their partners, Phu Ha provide them with efficient solutions in order for customers to complete their project with the most reasonable cost. The company will work in a joint venture or offer rental contracts of office equipment with agreeable prices.

For more information, please contact Phu Ha Sales Department!


Add: 324 Km9 - Nguyen Trai  Street -  Trung Van – Tu Liem - Ha Noi
Tel: (84.4) 35 541 888 ( 8 line )
Fax: (84.4) 35 541 555
Email: phuha324@gmail.com
Website : www. phuharicoh.com.vn




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