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When you choose to buy office equipment and machines of Phu Ha, the equipment will be delivered and installed free of charge in Hanoi and surrounding provinces.

- After the sale is complete, your device will be delivered by Phu Ha’s private car to the place of installation. In the office of customer, salesperson and technician Phu Ha will perform the installation and ensure the machine operation to be in the best condition. After that, Phu Ha staff will give a detailed guide to use a operate of office machines and equipment.
- For the Ricoh office machines and equipment, Phu Ha will give you a Vietnamese guide book (Besides the user manual in English with PC). This book is translated by Phu Ha with vivid pictures to help you to use and exploit the equipment in the most efficient way.
- For purchase and use outside Hanoi, we will also perform the installation and maintenance through partners of Phu Ha in the area of customers.

- Phu Ha Company is committed to maintain office equipment and machines provided by Phu Ha within 12 months free of charge. Every month, our technicians will come to the maintenance, calibrate and check the status of the device at the customer place. During this time, all issues will be repaired free of charge by Phu Ha technician.
- You only need to call: 4:35 541 888 (8 Lines) for the service.
- All equipments are warranty under RICOH standard, warranty period will depend of installed date and counter (see details on warranty card).
- During the warranty period, all materials will be replaced free of charge if the fault is caused by RICOH. This condition does not apply to consumption material.

Call the Technical Department - Phu Ha for more details!


Add: 324 Km9 - Nguyen Trai  Road -  Trung Van – Tu Liem - Ha Noi Capital
Tel: (84.4) 35 541 888 ( 8 line )
Fax: (84.4) 35 541 555
Email: phuha324@gmail.com
Website : www. phuharicoh.com.vn


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